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I love art so much… it kind of permeates into every aspect of my life. So I created a cookbook that is so awesome…  it is filled with recipes that will leave your guests in awe from the visual presentation and will have them begging for seconds because the food taste so great!

My cookbook is for people that love to make great first impressions without having to work hard all day to make it happen.  :-)

It is also for people that love to entertain… with an artistic flair and definitely… exclusive dishes.

My cookbook will also show you how to  pre-stock your kitchen to make the time you spend there a  quick, easy, sexy, fun experience when you want it to be. Or… you can choose from some of the longer, more indulgent menus. :-)

If you like cooking with the flavor of fine liquors…this cookbook is definitely for you.

Any way you look at it.. it will be a delicious adventure!


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